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is the most important research company in Romania, mining and processing to the finished product stage of zeolitului.
operated by Zeolite Industry Maramures is a superior quality, certified net certificates of analysis from Romania and abroad.
Drinkable water systems: removing ammonia, ecoli and for communities-villages, communes, cities.

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Zeoliţii have extremely many practical applications in cosmetics, medicine, nuclear engineering, petrochemistry, agriculture, water softening, water purification (aquariums, swimming pools, ponds), separation of heavy metals, unpleasant odours annihilation (sand cats), etc.



  Zeolite mining career, in the factory, postage and packing and processing according to customer's requirements. Zacamntul operated Maramures Zeolite Industry SRL, is a superior quality net certificate, certificates of analysis from Romania and abroad.

Agriculture and Landscape

Zeolites are operated by our company is recognized as being of high quality.

Test data:

  • Water retention capacity: 44% of the total;
  • Cation exchange capacity: 220 meq/100 g;


  • Potassium: 15695 mg/Kg;
  • Phosphorus: 336 mg/Kg;
  • Nitrogen: 290 mg/Kg;
  • Calcium: 5689 mg/Kg;
  • 1305: mg/Kg;     

Micro Elements:

  • Iron: 7982 ppm;
  • Manganese: 420 ppm;
  • Copper: 5, 86ppm;
  • Zinc: 0.05 ppm;
  • Molybden: 1.49 ppm;

All technical data are obtained through analyses conducted by authorized institutions. Analysis reports can be provided upon request of the beneficiary.


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100%, 100% Romanian natual!



Purification of drinking water

Analysis reports attest to the ability to treat drinking water!
ZEOFILTER remove: Nitrates and ammonium, Nitriti, iron, manganese, arsenic, cadmium, chemical elements that severely affects human health.



20th October, 2009 the National Institute of research-development for Agrochemistry and Pedology, environment protection, after 2 years of testing with zeolite, publish the following results:


  • culture: + 76% production per hectare in soil with zeolites;
  • tomato culture: + 77% production per hectare in soil with zeolites;

  Through the results obtained from the tests, meets the conditions for authorising zeolit noting: FERTILIZER.


Clinoptilolitul block aflatoxins!

Aflatoxins produced by bacteria Aspegillus flavus parasiticus and are neutralized by the minerals. The concentration of minerals is higher is the stronger reaction against aflatoxin. Analysis reports attest to a concentration of more than 90% of our zeolites are minerals in.


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